Tube feeding

Assortment tube feeding

We offer a wide range of tube feeding with different formulations for the dietary management of (risk of) disease-related malnutrition. Our tube feeding comes in light weight bags that contain less plastic than most other medical nutrition brands. In this way we contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. All our tube feeding variants contain fish oil for immune function support.

Cenaman Energy Tube Feeding 500 ml red

Cenaman Energy

Cenaman Fibre Tube Feeding 500 ml yellow

Cenaman Fibre

Cenaman Soya Fibre Tube Feeding 500 ml light yellow

Cenaman Soya Fibre

Cenaman Standard Tube Feeding 500 ml blue

Cenaman Standard

Cenaman Energy Fibre Tube Feeding 500 ml orange

Cenaman Energy Fibre

Cenaman Peptid Tube Feeding 500 ml green

Cenaman Peptid

cenaman standard g

Cenaman Standard G

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