Over 20 years of experience 

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High quality, sustainable and contributes to keeping healthcare affordable 

Cenaman is a medical nutrition line which has been proving itself in Germany for over 20 years. It all started in 1999 with our enteral feeding sets. This proved to be a success and in 2001 tube feeding was added to the Cenaman range, from 2006 sip feeding and later also enteral accessories. Cenaman makes a difference by being more cost-effective than most other brands to keep healthcare costs low. Cenaman is also a more sustainable choice. The packaging of the tube feeding is made of significantly less plastic and thus ensures less waste. Cenaman medical nutrition is of European origin. 

Nutritional therapy

To promote therapy compliance, the Cenaman drinks have many different flavors, as well as those that people consider to be favorites based on scientific research. This increases the chance there is a suitable taste, making it easier to maintain the nutritional therapy.

We develop and manufacture our products based on:

  • About 20 years of experience
  • Extensive research
  • User feedback

Naturally, we develop and manufacture our products with consideration for sustainability and local welfare. Cenaman is one of the brands of Medeco bv.


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