Sip feeding

Assortment sip feeding

We offer sip feeding with different formulas and a wide choice of flavors for the dietary management of (risk of) disease-related malnutrition. For each variant, we have the flavors that most people consider to be a favorite. This ensures a qualitative nutritional therapy that is also sustainable.
Cenaman Drink Energy Sip Feeding 1.5 Chocolate

Cenaman Drink Energy 1.5

Cenaman Protein Energy Sip Feeding 1.5 Vanilla

Cenaman Drink Protein Energy 1.5

Cenaman Energy Fibre Sip Feeding 1.5 Strawberry

Cenaman Drink Energy Fibre 1.5

Cenaman Protein Energy Sip Feeding 2.0 Forest Fruit

Cenaman Drink Energy 2.0

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